Be humble, no one owes you anything – Peter Okoye fire back at a follower who tagged him a scam for not helping him

Peter Okoye, better known as Mr. P has fired back at a Twitter follower who tagged him a scam for not helping him.

The follower, who identified himself as Taiwo Olawale, disclosed that he went to the singer’s house in Omole for help but he refused to help him.

He said,

I must say this to your face if u can read this…ok!!! My name is Taiwo Olawale but guys no me as Taiye… Now u guy forgot so soon abi no wahala.. remember the day I came to omole for you guys assistant but you refused to help. No wahala,,, best regards.”

Peter Okoye in his response, called on the follower to be humble as no one owes him anything.

He said,

“And trust me … No one will ever help you with this stupid as attitude of yours that you are demonstrating. Be humble. No one owes you nothing.”

Most Nigerians on social media have form the habit of seeking for donation on celebrities social media handles.

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