Davido Finally Reveals Why He Stayed Away From Social Media

Nigerian singer and DMW boss, Davido has shared the real reason behind his short break from social media.

According to him, he left social media to concentrate on himself, stating that many activities that he involved himself in, in the past had begun to take a toll on him.

Davido, in a chat with Beat FM, made it known that he didn’t know he was going to stay away for that long but it happened.

In his words,

“There was a lot going on. I was on tour. I was on the road for nine years and it took a toll on me for like a month and I thought that I need a break. Even I was telling myself that it was just going to take a week. But I thought that if I don’t slow down now, it may end in me breaking down because I’m a very strong person. If I break down, imagine how many people that I’m taking care of will break down as well. So I decided to move away and regroup.

“And it helped. I can’t tell you how happy I have become. I won’t say I’m a different person but I used to wake up at 9 pm because I’d record all night. I can’t sleep because I had things on my mind and then Coronavirus.

“I have never been at home for that long before. And I thought that if I have to do this, I have to get off social media. So, just stepping back really helped me a lot.”

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