In Anambra State, 17-Year-Old Boy Drops Out Of School To Marry 16-Year-Old Girl Of His Dream

A boy of 17year old whose heart desire is to get married to his 16year old girlfriend, has successfully get what he wanted after putting extra pressure on his parents.

According to reports online, the 17-year-old identified as Somto Nwachukwu from Nnewi in Anambra state dropped out of school and expressed his desire to marry his 16-year-old girlfriend. The parents agreed to his demands after much pressure.

It was reported that the parents gave their blessings to the marriage and organised a traditional wedding ceremony for the couple.

Somto’s parents were said to have opened a big retail shop for the boy and his new wife and also allowed them to live alone at home give to Somto by his father.

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