Michael Grimm, America's Got Talent' winner hospitalized
Michael Grimm, America's Got Talent' winner hospitalized
Michael Grimm, America’s Got Talent’ winner hospitalized

“America’s Got Talent” season 5 winner, Michael Grimm has been sedated and placed in intensive care after a mystery health issue.

However, Michael Grimm’s wife, Lucie Zolcerva-Grimm said he’s been hospitalized since Memorial Day and remains unconscious, though he’s finally breathing on his own again.

Also, she said the root of the issue is not clear, but he had not been feeling well for a while, lacking energy and having a tough time finishing his recent performances.

Things reached a head last month when Michael Grimm became increasingly sick. According to his wife, he could barely walk and couldn’t lift his head, so she rushed him to the emergency room, where things got worse.

There, Michael’s blood pressure skyrocketed when he got to the ER and he started talking gibberish, so he was rushed to the ICU, where he remains.

Michael was placed on a ventilator and sedated. His wife said he’s only recently been taken off the ventilator. She also made it known that most of his upcoming shows this month have been canceled, noting he will not only need to regain consciousness but also undergo physical therapy because he’s been bedridden for over a week.

Lucie also said that Michael currently has no voice and will have to undergo vocal chord repair due to his time on a ventilator. While the situation sounds dire, Michael’s wife says fans shouldn’t panic because he has great doctors.

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