Tiwa Savage and Comedian Pencil Joke About Her Tape Leak (Video)

Tiwa Savage and Comedian Pencil Joke About Her Tape Leak (Video)
Tiwa Savage and Comedian Pencil Joke About Her Tape Leak (Video)
Tiwa Savage and Comedian Pencil Joke About Her Tape Leak (Video)
Tiwa Savage and Comedian Pencil Joke About Her Tape Leak (Video)

Recall that Nigerian superstar singer, Tiwa Savage during a radio interview with Angie Martinez on October 8th revealed that she was being extorted over a sex* tape that she made with a man that she was seeing. Tiwa during that interview said that she wasn’t going to pay her blackmailer any money and was giving her fans a heads up in case they went ahead to publish the video.

Not long after that interview and Tiwa saying on stage ‘una no go see the tape’, the tape came out.

After the tape came out, the general public had a lot of opinions. Some people were on Tiwa’s side, some people were against her, some people were in between, the tape caused a lot of conversation and discussion yet one person remained quite mum about the whole thing – Tiwa herself. The only statement Tiwa seemingly gave about the tape was in an Instagram post she made after the tape’s release which she captioned: “Charge that shit to the game n never speak on it again

Well, now Tiwa is making mention of the leak for the first time publicly since it came out. During a Youtube video with Cosmopolitan, Tiwa joked about the sex tape leak. Also, comedian Pencil during his Pencil Unbroken Abuja 2021 show also made jokes about the singer’s tape leak.

So without further ado, here are both Pencil and Tiwa Savage making jokes about the leak.

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Pencil’s Joke.

During his set at Pencil Unbroken Abuja 2021, comedian Pencil joked about Tiwa’s tape leak saying:

Planning this show was not easy. I go wan put advert online, I go plan am for night. For morning, I go just see say Tonto Dikeh and whether na kpokpo garri abi wetin be that guy name. I go hear say sex tape with this one, I go pause. Two weeks to the show, I drag my team say ‘oh boy, we need gats release things, the show be like say e no dey happen. Things no dey happen.’ Na him we plan for night say okay for morning, Wednesday morning, we go put out things. As we wan put out things, na him Tiwa, Tiwa release things! HEY! I know say some of una get that thing for una phone. Kai, my Tiwa! And the one wey pain me pass, after everything – you know say that video short, 10 seconds – boy still dey go Tiwa DM, ‘Mama, e don happen, e don happen, where we fit get the full link?

Below is the video if you want to watch it yourself.

Tiwa’s Joke

While on the Secret Talent Testwith Cosmopolitan, Tiwa was asked to test out her ventriloquist skills. She was given a puppet and asked to make the puppet tell us a story. Tiwa took the puppet and while holding it, she said in a funny puppet voice:

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