“You forget yourself so soon, when you were begging my boys to beat beat Davido and Wizkid – Shatta Wale exposes Burna Boy’s dealings

"You forget yourself so soon, when you were begging my boys to beat beat Davido and Wizkid - Shatta Wale exposes Burna Boy’s dealings
“You forget yourself so soon, when you were begging my boys to beat beat Davido and Wizkid – Shatta Wale exposes Burna Boy’s dealings

Ghanaian dancehall singer, Shatta Wale, has refused to back down on the diss with Burna Boy as he presses on to expose secrets about the African giant dealings.

This comes after Shatta Wale dared Burna to a rap battle which he turned down for a fist battle instead.

In reaction to the African giant post daring the Ghanaian dancehall singer to a fistfight that he claimed to have wanted since last year January, Shatta went berserk in a tweet thread where he unapologetically exposed Odogwu’s dealings.


In a series of thread, he wrot:

“U say what?,you go beat who me ? You 4get yourself so soon ha,when you were begging my boys to beat Beat Davido and Wizkid ..You are the most foolish boy I have ever met in life. I wonder if your fans know you well. it’s a shame u will go down soon!

The richard Millie you come borrow from biggie ,did u buy it yourself …
Burna toy , how much kwraaa u get ..when I showed you my houses in ghana ,you were asking if it was music money ,kwasiaaa boy like u ..don’t be a psssy cuz u know I don’t roll like that ..

You lucky I respect your mother like ago say your mother waaaaaaa….see what fame do you …Your boy shalala know how much I have spent on you for 7months ..Anogo beat u ,ago break your neck …Don’t come to ghana..You called for this ,don’t call police when u step in gh. The gold chain you took from KB by force Abeg bring am ..

He wan beat u sef now now now …you have stepped on many toes ..you violate ..Ghana will be like mini skirt for you !!!trust me

Ah burma toy how big is even your Dcck .All the ashawo I give for ghana seh u no fit last 5min and wan fight me for 1hour …Go fite the ashawo girls in bed ..that’s your Gym..pussy !!!

Remember my mother doesn’t control my career ,,I run my own shit ,street way ,so if your mother deh watch u diss me today and she go forgot I saved your ass up when police was all over you in naija ..Then she toooo dierrrr …no wonder I don’t know your father…

I don’t think you really got father training ,you are hiding your father from everyone because you said you don’t want ppl to know he is a fitter ✌️

When you were on the run ,who hosted you and your mother And your ashawo South African girl friend ..wu maame tw3 kwraaaaa in Ghana !! Kwasiaa boy like you !!

This was our video shoot(Hosanna) when I showed you $120k dollar my godfather gave me..Your were smelling it like psssy ..kwasiaaaa…La borrow boy like you ..bringing a video of when I got you the dress you wearing from head to toe…ungrateful being !!

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You dawg shalala the moment you got famous .. No mafia deh ghana to save you for this !!ago show you who shatta be p3333….you go see your blood first if that’s what you want !! See jon ,from head to toe ,I didn’t like the dress but you insisted .. like my garden boy ..

Dissing my godfathers is Foul for a Fowl like you 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸
You won’t enjoy music again ..mark this … Go give biggies richard Millie to him ,he said you stole it !!!
Ah but this foolish boy paaa …. Dissing my Godfathers that gave you a place to sleep ..

Don’t come to Ghana again ..
Show us your father ,because he is a fitter ,you hide him from camera !!!

Bring your fathers picture out ..kwasiaaa you see money before ..Ur moda 😂😂
Two years hit and you say u get money …you no get anything …

Ur boy shalala deh street…u sell am out …come give am money erh ….

Ur moda? Mada chop pikin, pikin chop mada, aboa boy like you ..

You tink we don’t know💥 You go see dirtiness …😜

Just be a man and come to ghana cuz I don’t have anything to take in that nigeria ..No be you tell me say nigeria ppl love kidnapping too much ..ok this time dem kidnap u
If you kno beat me erh ,dem my mother …Your motherrrrrrr!!!!

Burna if you are a man ,when you get to ghana 🇬🇭,show me your location let’s start this blood service ..Don’t be a psssy ..just show me ..ur modaaa?
As for me I won’t stop ….till your mother come visit you for hospital ..Burna boy your madaaaaaa

You rppe matilda hipsy self we no talk ..kwasiaaaaaa U deh try chop matilda en ass weh she say no weh u beat am – you tink we don’t know ….”

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